Quiet is good I am still me.

Having said that I want to I feel compelled to let y’all know I’m learning. Also that I’m very greatful for encouragement beautiful words people LIFES. So many things I am not n a straight jacket! Nor am I a pay off of 250,000 waiting for the date to happen. Unless you have known first hand of NARSACIST and the things they can and will do I pray you never know ever. I’m trying very hard to breathe again. Baby breaths. I’m not only trying to be careful for me now but y’all as well. My words are my bond. They mean what say I want to be positive again. I want the truth justice denied hell to yea I do. Good news is I have found a site that can hel me. I feel as if I just got out of the hospital or should be going n. Not cause I’m crazy but I’ve been thru some sorry shit scary wreck ur world shit. I know I’m strong this lady these people have a process there going to put me thru to help me some how. I’m not going to lie to you or candy coat any of it. I contacted them I desperately need there help. I have cried tears of the finally knowing they know. They can help. Y’all have helped as well. Wow I need to focus on these steps. This is the only way to reclaim my life. Possibly get the truth out. Get the convictions off of my name. There are no words yet. Hope is there at this site. If I’d of known all of this years ago ifs and buts. Truth is I do now. Truth is this is a process I’m starting as soon as I send this. Truth is I can hardly see from the tears of relief I hope I’m making sense. With out try so hard to explain it. NARSACIST can and will destroy ur life take every dime as well as more. That’s who they are it’s what they do. To change this or even try with out this precious lady and site I can’t I’ve been trying I’m no quitter but he a NARSACIST feels they are all n life that matter. I’ve been from jails to prison. Homeless knowing why. How ever narcasist plan destroy and more. How would I ? This site can help. I have to keep them protected as well as they are me. Thank y’all I’m about to end and start. No I’m not trying to be malicious I am desperate just for there help also a chance. He deserves to be spot lighted and shown for who he is and what he did. Narsacist make there selfs seem perfect. Then kill u out any way they can. Guilt free trust me. The tears are tears of relief. Thanks ❤️🌸🙏😇😭😲🙏❤️🌺


I have known real love still do.

Hey I just want people to know there are some bad ppl n the world. Not that y’all don’t know already. I want people to know I worked my whole life far from perfect but did my best. I’m now a felon. We had 82,000 n the bank in various acounts iras money market savings checking. Our vehicles were paid for. 40,000 n Charles Shwab 50,000 n ameritrade a qaurter of a million n the401 k course I was working 12 hour shifts at Nokia

Not making the money he did but I worked very hard. He came to work round 8 or 9 he really wasn’t that important he kept the tile down on the floor. How ever I would prolly be thk n ok come on now. Wish the truth would slap him in the face. I want my justice

This I will have to add a warning label to as well as apologize.

This is true lame painful heartache I got thru by Gods guidance. Finally I said ok I don’t need to know any more. I then wrote it out on paper took it out side and burned it. It’s no longer painful at all. God removed the evil from my life and I’m for ever grateful.

A man and a woman became husband and wife. He promised to love her the rest of his life. She smiled and promised her love to him to. Then they promised each other to b faithful and true. Forsaking all others I will love only you. He meant not a word of the words he had said. He cheated he lied and he !:!’nva with her head. She couldn’t understand why he was acting like this. She missed how they loved she missed how they kissed. She never once doubted his love or dreamed he would cheat. Yet his friend hooked him up with a ho he would meet. Yet henever went home to tell his wife they were thru instead he pissed n her face and let them piss n it to. The hell she was going thru still she blamed him not she waited for the love that she once from him got. To her he was worth anything she would go thru. He was the love of her life the only love that she knew. He took his love and there money and handed it all to the ho. Bought the bitch a vehicle trips a buissness and more. Every one knew but his wife and laughed so it seemed. He ruined her life and he murdered her dreams.

The end is not how I’d like for it to have ended but I’m good. Glad he’s gone. A liar is a coward who will die a million deaths to my one.